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PAWS – Play & Stay

Nepal’s first and only state-of-art Dog Hotel, Dog Spa, Dog School and Dog Park in Ghalate-6, Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur (approx. 18 minutes drive from Koteshwor). Here we provide highest quality Day Care, Boarding and Grooing services for dogs. PAWS – Play & Stay is a new venture of Vet for Your Pet – the Animals’ Clinic, where the well being of a pet is always a priority. With its exceptionally lush compound close to the downtown area PAWS offers a hotel and center for urban dogs comprised of lodging, grooming, training and even an outdoor gym for the pet owners.


These perfect pet boarding services are extended to clients who want a good accommodation for their pets while they enjoy holidays in a carefree manner. Your pets will be provided individual rooms with personalized beds. These rooms have lead free paints on the wall and climatic control with Air Con, while your pet enjoys his/her stay. We also provide other amenities such as:

  • Vet Round up twice a day for Daily Health Examination
  • Minimum of 5 visits to our outdoor privacy fenced secure garden to exercise that includes Pack Walking, Hurdles, Weave Poles, A-frame, etc with our staffs
  • Daily full body massage
  • Human Graded meals with Fortified Proteins, Multivitamins and Minerals. You can also bring your own food if its easier for their tummy.
  • Purified Drinking Water
  • Tuck-in Treat and Cuddle time just before bed
  • Differently-abled furry friends will be assisted to walk around in wheel chair or drag bags
  • No extra charge for oral medications (charges will be applicable for injectable meds)

Puppy School

We strengthen the precious bond between you and your dog through Puppy School dog training where you can take pleasure in learning together. Here through the CANINE EDUCATION SERVICE by our team’s experienced trainers we provide

  • Dog Training at all levels
  • Private and group lesions
  • Address behavioral issues: anxiety, excessive barking, hyperactivity, growling, excessive fear, gnawing, destructive behavior, etc
  • Customized programs and packages
  • Day, evening and weekend packages
  • Puppy Preschool – our puppy preschool program is designed to help you and your 8-16 week old puppies to get off to a great start.

Dog Parlor

This is an exciting new concept in pet care. We are not your typical grooming shop. We believe in building lasting relationships with both clients (human & furry). We are committed to moving towards a more natural approach to your pets’ physical and emotional well-being. Our primary focus in high customer satisfaction earned with a friendly, educated and experienced staff a comfortable welcoming atmosphere and a unique lineup of products and services that adhere to exceedingly high standards of quality and effectiveness.