Vision Statement

Vet for Your Pet Pvt. Ltd. strives to be the premier veterinary clinic of your choice. Our vision is to provide an environment that will always nurture, preserve and celebrate the power and the spirit of the human-animal bond.

Mission Statement

We shall deliver compassionate, high-quality, progressive veterinary care to our patients and clients. We are an enthusiastic, cohesive team and know that it is through respect, integrity, and exceptional care, that we earn our client’s trust. We have made veterinary medicine our life’s commitment, because we love the animals that are given to our care.

Critical success factors

The critical success factor for Vet for Your Pet is the excellence in service (diagnosis and treatment) to your pets. The pet owners and the pet are provided with the level best services and care at the hospital. The differentiation in the service provided by a dedicated team would set aside this hospital from all others.

Core Values

Quality Pet Care

We believe in compassionate, personal, and professional pet care. This means both the client and the pet is treated with utmost care and respect. Our doctors will advise clients on the best method of prevention and treatment available that suits their needs. Thoroughness by the medical team includes a follow-up call to make sure all is well within a few days of your visit.

Human Animal Bond

We understand the unique place that pets hold in your family. Helping people and their pets on a daily basis is a privilege which makes our working environment rewarding and enjoyable.


We believe in the non-judgmental awareness of the needs of owners and their pets and we strive to address those needs in the best possible way.


We accomplish more as a team than as individuals. We believe that working together and treating each other with respect and courtesy is essential to providing top quality, compassionate, personal, and professional pet care.

Continual Growth

We believe that each staff member has a responsibility to embrace life-long learning. This practice keeps the staff well informed so that they grow as individuals, and it enables us to pass on new knowledge to our clients.


At Vet for Your Pet, we are dedicated to our job and to your pet’s health. We believe that dedication is required in order to provide top quality pet care. Our trained staff will ensure that your pet receives that attention that it needs to make a speedy recovery.

Healthy Pets and Happy Clients

Client Service is our number 1 priority. Our goal is to be concerned about the complete welfare of all pets that visit us.


We strive to educate each client based on the individual needs for their pet. In order to keep all members aware of rapid advances in veterinary medicine our caregivers have regular staff training/meetings and continuing education opportunities.

Rewarding Experience

Our goal is to make our clients and pets visit with us so enjoyable that they look forward to returning.  We do this by giving exceptional and friendly service,   providing healthcare knowledge in unique ways.  (video graphic displays, posters, handouts) in a clean and odor free facility.

Progressive & Productive Practice

We achieve this by having a compassionate, knowledgeable and professional staff, utilizing the latest technological advances and implementing the foremost medical practices.

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