Clinical Skill Learning Center (CSLC)

Understanding the need to restructure and revitalize the present institutional set-up for Veterinary practices in the small animals, livestock, poultry, animal husbandry and fishery sectors, Clinical Skills Learning Center (CSLC) was started to enhance institutional level efficiency and promote new institutional models to handle the emerging challenges in Veterinary Sector development.

Clinical Skills Learning Center (CSLC) is thus a space dedicated to enhancing the development of basic and advanced clinical skills for our veterinary graduates, medical students and interns.

Continuing Veterinary Education

With the rapid growth in technological knowledge and frequent paradigm shifts in technology, continuing education of working professionals is vital. The continuing education program of the CSLC has been set up to meet the Human Resource training and knowledge up gradation needs of professionals working in the Veterinary sector and related fields. The focus of the program is to provide practical state of the art information that can be applied to technical problems when one returns to one’s practice and place of employment. 


  • To provide a dedicated space and resources where students from all four years of the curriculum can learn, practice and refine clinical skills utilized across multiple species and specialties
  • To provide access to essential equipment and demonstration models in a flexible, convenient, and low-stress environment
  • To augment the didactic curriculum and clinical case material with relevant, hands-on psychomotor skills training

CSLC is set up with the objectives of:

  • Assisting working professionals in the Veterinary sector to widen their knowledge base and improve their skills
  • To enhance the global competitiveness of the Veterinary sector by promoting the use of cutting edge technologies among professionals through training and expertise in critical areas
  • To promote strong industry-institution linkages

Specific Objectives:

  • Advancing Veterinary Sector in terms of medical care to the small animals, large animals, equine, wildlife and exotic animals
  • Providing proper health and medical care thereby improving the Livelihood and Economy of the farmers
  • Strengthening the education system and supporting the University with Student practical learning exposure
  • Contribute to uplift Vet sector by upgrading the technical and hands-on skills of Vet Students and Graduates.

Dr Pranab at work


Curriculum development for the CSTC is an ongoing process that involves individual faculty or specialties creating exercises or modules that represent core skills for that specific service or rotation.

Types of Services/Trainings Offered

  • Student Internship
  • Short Term Internship (2-6 weeks)
  • Long Term Internship
  • Externship Program
  • Foreign Students
  • Nepali Students
  • Student Training
  • Internal Medicine
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Dentistry
  • Pathology
  • Opthalmology
  • Pediatric Medicine
  • Giadratic Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Surgery

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